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JamLimmat @ Twin’s Foz, Portugal

  • Date:22 - Mar - 2014
  • Location:Porto, Portugal
  • Venue:Twin's Foz
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Nightclubs come and go so quickly. They open their doors to much fanfare…but fall out of fashion faster than last season’s shoes.

Not the case for Twins Foz! Still popular after 40 years, this nightclub, in the Foz do Douro district of the Porto, continues to reinvent itself season after season. Twins Foz is a sure favorite among the party elite for socializing, dancing and making the most of every precious hour in the night.

Twins Foz is modern, cosmopolitan and sophisticated. It features two distinct areas—Twins Gin Room Lounge and Twins Club. Each has a dedicated DJ. There’s revivalist and pop music in the lounge, and house and dance music in the club.