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George Sears

The main aim for George Sears is to produce good Electro Big Room House. He went through many different music genres and styles during the time he make music and this one is currently the most enjoyable one for him at the moment. He let himself to get inspired by many other producers around. Their ideas and music force him
to develop his skills more. He likes strong, rhythmical bass supported by expressive beat with light melodic elements, so that listener can take a break from the linear parts.

He likes to let himself go with the current mainstream wave, but he can’t help himself and he must incorporate his own sounds, atmosphere and ideas. The reason he’s doing so, is to enrich his listener as much as he can do.

If he’s supposed to pinpoint something from his music, it would be specific synth sounds, that are very distinctive from the current standards. They should give you feel, that when you hear them, you know exactly who made that track. In case if listeners haven’t heard his music before, it should burrow deep into
their minds and stay there, so next time, they will recognize his sounds even without looking to the title.

There is no problem jumping out of the things listener like, but he doesn’t want to bore his listeners to death – he want them to be entertained on the dance floor, and by casual listening the same time. Every time he produces, he aim to has the top sound he can currently achieve. You can play the music with great ideas, but at the same time, it must sound good too.

This project is based on several ideas, that he thoughts through. The goal to this was something, what will hold current standards, but it will maintain the touch mark, that he tries to give to my music.