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Dani Vars

Dani Vars is a DJ and music producer who has been living in Málaga for more than 25 years although he was born in Madrid. The highlight of his twelve years’ experience in music was the remix of Deux’s “Sun Rising Up” which was edited by Urbana Digital in 2007 and reached a high placing on the Traxsource chart as well as being included in the 100% Pacha Compilation.

In 2008 he flew to Miami to deejay at the Nocturnal for the “Miami Winter Conference”. In 2009 he succeeded in gaining a mention in Deejaymags after winning the competition for remixing the Kings of Groove’s “Body and Soul” track. Later that same year he released “Take The Beat and Run”, his first work in collaboration with Jason Rivas, under the “Catch 22” label of the prestigious American DJ Disciple. This also reached a high position on Traxsource. He also created a remix of the track “Redlight” for Disciple in collaboration with Prok and Fitch as well as a remix of the track “Set Me Free” for David Penn and Rober Gaez, which was edited by “Urban Recordings” and reached 52nd place in Electro House’s Top 100.

Dani Vars

In June 2010 Dani released his own label “Pedroche Recordings” together with his partner “Gonzalo Shaggy Garcia”. Their first reference, “The Last Sunrise”, which included the violinist Julio Cuba, had a great impact on radio audiences and on the dance floor. At the end of that year “Attitude”, a second work in collaboration with Jason Rivas and with vocals by Brian Lucas, also made an impact, rising to Number 1 on “World Dance Music”, one the most important radio programmes of 40 Principales. In mid-2011 he remixed a cover from Jason’s “Freed From Desire” and this reached 48th place on the Beatport Top 100. At the end of the year Dani joined up with Jon Flores to produce the “I Wanna Dance With You” track which reached 42nd place on the Top 100 of the House of Beatport.

In 2012 he intensified his productions with some very fine works such as “Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind”, which was released under his own label and reached 32nd position on the Traxsource Top 100. Recordings such as Punta Paloma, Low Cost and “Off shore”, a remix for Magic Solutions in collaboration with Rebekah Brown, were the most notable tracks in the summer of that year. In collaboration with Eppu and under the pseudonym “Noboa”, a name which he used for his more underground productions, he released “Killer Trumpet” under the label of Lissat and Voltax. By the end of the year he had reached Number 1 on Traxsource’s Tech House Top 100 with the track “Palma” released under the label of Mjuzziekal Education. It stayed there for two weeks while, at the same time, his track “Papaya” released under his own label (Pedroche Recordings) made the top four on the same chart. Dani Vars demonstrates a great variety of house music which he adapts to the locale and the audience but he always ensures that the quality is of the very best.